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Google Now, Maps get major updates at I/O 2015…!! #timesofindia

Google declared important upgrades to 2 of its most generally used products: currently and Maps.whereas Google now’s the voice-based assistant that comes integrated within the company’s mobilesoftware system android, Maps has been systematically among the most heavily used apps and websites across platforms.The company’s director of product management Aparna Chennapragada same Google currently hascurrently become much more contextually aware, therefore it’ll be ready to offer directions to, for instance, supermarkets or gas stations within the user’s neighbourhood. additional considerably, the voice assistant can enable users to order Uber cabs, play music on using etc mistreatmentsimply voice commands.


Another new Google now feature is ‘Now on tap,’ that permits the automaton digital assistant to trace what’s running on the screen and supply answers to users’ queries in language. To demonstrate, Chennapragada vie a Skrillex song on AN automaton phone and asked Google now”what’s his real name?” rather than asking “what’s the artist’s real name?”

This shows that Google currently was responsive to what another app was running and provided the requisite detail, while not having the user be correct in forming the sentence, so creating speech communication with the digital assistant a lot of organic. Similarly, in AN email concerning movies, a tap-and-hold on the house button exposes Googlecurrently cards related to the pic. This way, users are ready to get a lot of details concerning the contents of AN app while not Google currently changing the manner the aforesaid app interacts with the user. Definitions for highlighted words are supported during this Google now update, Chennapragada said.


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