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Php web development due  to its increasing benefits, its demand is growing in web development field. it’s essential that business developers are  awake to PHP development to comprehend their selections higher.
ASP.NET is simple to install in owing to integral configuration data. It reduces the line of code needed to develop huge applications. It is a broadly used development framework for developing an enterprise stage web application.


The choice of technology is completely dependent on the requirements. There are multiple choices offeredfor several  features. The major ones are listed below:-

1.) Development Cost- Both are same but ASP.NET is more on Rapid-Application-Development and PHP is more on Coding
2.) Cross Platform- Whatever server side language you use, browsers render only as HTML. But development is not cross-platform even though ASP.NET got ports for Linux available
3.) Cloud Feasibility- Additionally, for ASP.NET -SQL Azure is also available for database hosting.
4.) Mode of source- Application developers have no benefits for either it is closed or open UPDATE: Microsoft also opened .NET framework code for reference. Note that it is just for reference. You cannot do anything except reading. A real open source must be able to download, make amendments, re-compile. You cannot make your own .NET versions.
5.) Security Fixes- Both parties release fixes for bugs and security issues instantly
6.) Developer Help- Both technologies got fans worldwide. They will provide help and guidance through forums, mail lists, news groups, etc.
7.) Database- Both supports most of the databases
8.) Recommended for Huge systems?- PHP is recommended for small-to-medium projects and ASP.NET and JSP for medium-to-big applications
9.) Advancement- Micorosft’s team is keen to develop and integrate new features. But since PHP is promoted by community, it takes time to reach that level
10) Security- ASP.NET, PHP servers are mostly secure. Now developers need to make sure their coding is secure.
11) Performance- Very basic old argument – ASP.NET is compiled and PHP is interpreted (line by line compilation and execution), so PHP is Faster for small programs and slower for medium-to-big programs.


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