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Is ‪#‎Google‬ seeking to be a ‪‎single‬ ‪Store‬ for ‪purchasing‬ ‪ everything‬ ‪#‎online‬ ??

For quite a decade, on-line marketers have joked that Google is attempting to require over the world Now, it looks like they might actually do it —the on-line world, at least. supported a number of the recent moves we’ve seen Google creating, , it appears that the search engine giant  is extending its boundaries further than ever before, providing new functionality and new capabilities that improve on-line user experince however additionally eclipse the functions of the many of its competitors and contemporaries.

It’s not possible to understand Google’s motivation of course, however as these items move closer to their final destination, it seems that the tech giant could quickly become a complete “one-stop shop” for everything a user needs online—and I mean everything—potentially completely eliminating the necessity for users to go to individual websites..!!

keep surfing for more updates..!!


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