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Is ‪#‎Google‬ seeking to be a ‪‎single‬ ‪Store‬ for ‪purchasing‬ ‪ everything‬ ‪#‎online‬ ??

For quite a decade, on-line marketers have joked that Google is attempting to require over the world Now, it looks like they might actually do it —the on-line world, at least. supported a number of the recent moves we’ve seen Google creating, , it appears that the search engine giant  is extending its boundaries further than ever before, providing new functionality and new capabilities that improve on-line user experince however additionally eclipse the functions of the many of its competitors and contemporaries.

It’s not possible to understand Google’s motivation of course, however as these items move closer to their final destination, it seems that the tech giant could quickly become a complete “one-stop shop” for everything a user needs online—and I mean everything—potentially completely eliminating the necessity for users to go to individual websites..!!

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Php web development due  to its increasing benefits, its demand is growing in web development field. it’s essential that business developers are  awake to PHP development to comprehend their selections higher.
ASP.NET is simple to install in owing to integral configuration data. It reduces the line of code needed to develop huge applications. It is a broadly used development framework for developing an enterprise stage web application.


The choice of technology is completely dependent on the requirements. There are multiple choices offeredfor several  features. The major ones are listed below:-

1.) Development Cost- Both are same but ASP.NET is more on Rapid-Application-Development and PHP is more on Coding
2.) Cross Platform- Whatever server side language you use, browsers render only as HTML. But development is not cross-platform even though ASP.NET got ports for Linux available
3.) Cloud Feasibility- Additionally, for ASP.NET -SQL Azure is also available for database hosting.
4.) Mode of source- Application developers have no benefits for either it is closed or open UPDATE: Microsoft also opened .NET framework code for reference. Note that it is just for reference. You cannot do anything except reading. A real open source must be able to download, make amendments, re-compile. You cannot make your own .NET versions.
5.) Security Fixes- Both parties release fixes for bugs and security issues instantly
6.) Developer Help- Both technologies got fans worldwide. They will provide help and guidance through forums, mail lists, news groups, etc.
7.) Database- Both supports most of the databases
8.) Recommended for Huge systems?- PHP is recommended for small-to-medium projects and ASP.NET and JSP for medium-to-big applications
9.) Advancement- Micorosft’s team is keen to develop and integrate new features. But since PHP is promoted by community, it takes time to reach that level
10) Security- ASP.NET, PHP servers are mostly secure. Now developers need to make sure their coding is secure.
11) Performance- Very basic old argument – ASP.NET is compiled and PHP is interpreted (line by line compilation and execution), so PHP is Faster for small programs and slower for medium-to-big programs.

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Google to companies: Be nice to hackers #techgig.com

Hackers who manage to infiltrate a company’s network so tell them regarding it ought to be thanked and paid, in step with Google’s cyber chief.”It accustomed be that if you told a company that you simply stone-broke into their atmosphere,they’d generally respond with a legal stop and refrain letter. they’d stop you, place a court order onyou cannot tell anybody,” director of security for Google Apps Eran Feigenbaum said throughout a speech on weekday at the InfoSecurity conference in London.
“We’ve take a distinct approach, wherever we have a tendency to really thank folks.”
Cybersecurity hit the headlines last year once variety of position hacks on companies together withon Sony and eBay exposed weakness within the defences of even the world’s biggest organizations.
Data breaches ar invariably financially damaging for businesses and ar set to value companies $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, increasing to nearly fourfold the calculable value of breaches in 2015, in step with Juniper analysis.

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Last year, Google had a $1.5 million pot of cash that it distributed to people who found so-called “zero day vulnerabilities” in Google software or flaws that the U.S. search large did not recognize existed. This led them to determine a team of elite hackers dedicated to finding such security holes.
“You get a full new set of eyes. Even with 450 security professionals trying and {working|and dealing} on an everyday basis to form positive our software’s secure by working with the safetycommunity you get a full further bench, thinking of things that you simply might not have thought of,” Feigenbaum told CNBC once his keynote address.
“So encouraging them to try and do the correct issue by treating them with respect, paying them, giving them acknowledgement is vital.”
Google isn’t the sole company to use such ways. United Airlines declared last month that it mightoffer to 1,000,000 air miles to hackers who will notice security bugs in its network.

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DoT panel submits report on #net neutrality…#timesofindia

A telecom department panel on net neutrality submitted its report back to the communications & IT minister Ravi  Shankar Prasad over the weekend. The report, that has been complied by a six-member committee appointed in January month, are a key element for the government’s policy on net neutrality, an idea that guarantees free and non-discriminatory access to the net.

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While the contents of the report weren’t yet known, ET had reportable earlier that the committee was turning towards a view that any definition of net neutrality should maintain the core principles, that isn’t to permit interference, prioritization and throttling of content providers on a network.

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How technology is CHANGING schmoozing #timesofindia

No longer is schmoozing over long lunches and fine wines enough; Swiss personal bankers areturning to video games and computer game to attract a brand new generation of sceptical shoppersand see off digital rivals.Technology is probably going to attractiveness to multi-tasking millionaires with very little time to spare. However, wealth managers should conjointly win the trust of younger investors who haveexperienced 2 downturns throughout their formative years and a furore over Swiss banks’ involvement in nonpayment.

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In a fifth floor workplace simply off Zurich’s main searching street, researchers at UBS are testing dozens of technologies to ascertain what might make the world’s biggest wealth manager additionalappealing as fortunes pass to the next generation.

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Google Now, Maps get major updates at I/O 2015…!! #timesofindia

Google declared important upgrades to 2 of its most generally used products: currently and Maps.whereas Google now’s the voice-based assistant that comes integrated within the company’s mobilesoftware system android, Maps has been systematically among the most heavily used apps and websites across platforms.The company’s director of product management Aparna Chennapragada same Google currently hascurrently become much more contextually aware, therefore it’ll be ready to offer directions to, for instance, supermarkets or gas stations within the user’s neighbourhood. additional considerably, the voice assistant can enable users to order Uber cabs, play music on using etc mistreatmentsimply voice commands.


Another new Google now feature is ‘Now on tap,’ that permits the automaton digital assistant to trace what’s running on the screen and supply answers to users’ queries in language. To demonstrate, Chennapragada vie a Skrillex song on AN automaton phone and asked Google now”what’s his real name?” rather than asking “what’s the artist’s real name?”

This shows that Google currently was responsive to what another app was running and provided the requisite detail, while not having the user be correct in forming the sentence, so creating speech communication with the digital assistant a lot of organic. Similarly, in AN email concerning movies, a tap-and-hold on the house button exposes Googlecurrently cards related to the pic. This way, users are ready to get a lot of details concerning the contents of AN app while not Google currently changing the manner the aforesaid app interacts with the user. Definitions for highlighted words are supported during this Google now update, Chennapragada said.

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Net Neutrality: the struggle for the future of the Internet has only just begun…!!! #techgig

A global row is production over ‘net neutrality’ and betting on who wins – the net Service suppliers(ISPs) or the regulators – the net might be terribly completely different within the future.Net neutrality is that the principle that each one web knowledge traffic ought to be treated as equal which content mustn’t be prioritised supported its supply.Imagine the information pipes we tend to use to attach to {the internet|the we tend to be |the net} (sometimes stated because the “last mile”) because the lanes we use on our roads. ISPs believe they need the correct to form questionable ‘fast lanes’ or toll roads, wherever those content creators who pay to use them can receive a bigger share of the information measure and a far better service.


In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently introduced new laws in support of internet neutrality, that have effectively reclassified ISPs as a service and need that each one content on the net is treated equally. ISPs are clearly involved that this might limit their revenue-making opportunities and a few content producers are disquieted that they will not be able to secure any priority within the future. Associate in Nursing business fight-back has begun.

 The ISP is additionally appealing against the FCC’s call to classify them as a utility and difficult the terribly principles of internet neutrality, difference of opinion that there’s nogot to regulate competitive market forces within the “last mile”.